My 6’5″ boyfriend and I are sleeping on a full size mattress and boxspring. No frame. My cousin has a queen size bed (mattres, boxspring and frame) that she will trade me for my full siuze bed. I told Danny about it and he said okay. I told him it would be tonight after I got off work & he said nevermind. I get off at 730 & it would only be about 30 minutes to do the exchange. He said no. His friend Seth was there and Seth was defending him saying that its 730 at night and Danny is sick. Fuck that. He just doesn’t fucking want to because it’s “late at night.” I don’t know why but I am livid! I love him anyway.


I haven’t been able to drop my thoughts of sex with older men, it’s all I think about. Whenever I see a man at work that looks like what I’m dreaming asbout, I just want to jump over the counter and fuck him right there. It’s so bad.


I took a quiz based on my zodiac and it told me that I am missing out on life. I am living life to what should be done, not what I personally want to do, and it is so true. I’m sure it’s true for anyone with any birthday, but that was something else I thought about today. I am honestly not living the life I want. I want to party, I want to take shrooms, I want to fuck older men. Have five different men under my claws. That is what I want.


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