Danny got the bed from my cousin. I haven’t been home since he got it so I’m not sure what it looks like. But I hope it’s nice. I’m at work and I have to close with J. He’s nice but can act like a real fucking girl. I’ve decided to talk to Danny about being able to have sexual with older guys. I’m on the pill and we would use condoms so I don’t see the big deal with it besides him not being the only guy I have sex with. I’ve told him he can fuck any girl he wants as long as it’s not my best friend.


Today is Danny and my one year and eleven months for the next six minutes. I haven’t been laid in ten days. I’m starting to feel like Danny doesn’t love me anymore. I know that isn’t true, but we used to have sex everyday, sometimes three times a day and now we have sex maybe once a week.


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