Yesterday was Danny and I’s two year anniversary. I wanted to celebrate because TWO WHOLE YEARS but Seth is staying with us for a couple of days and ruined the mood. Seth and Ellie both stayed th enight last night. We watched Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny, that was dope.



Around five thirty this morning I woke up to my third alarm of the morning. Danny had turned my first two off and I slept right through them, I think Danny was mad because I asked him to drive me to work instead of walking. He did it anyways.

I think Danny almost broke up with me today, he raised is voice at me and I thought that was it. Since moving, he has needed my help more than ever, Danny says I havent even helped him a little bit, which is mostly true. I’m a horrible girlfriend.


We spontaneously moved yesterday. Danny and I went to our landlord to look at a one bedroom apartment. Brandie gave us the keys and told us to take our time. We left, looked at the one bedroom, and went back to Brandie right away. Brandie made us a deal and we started moving in twenty minutes later and all of our heavy furniture was moved within an hour to an hour and a half.

The apartment we moved into was a little one bedroom with a small kitchen with lots of counter space, a clawfoot bathtub and a decent sized bedroom and living area. The bedroom is about half the size of the bedroom in our first apartment but it’s definitely comfy. Perfect for Danny, Mouse and myself.


Danny got the bed from my cousin. I haven’t been home since he got it so I’m not sure what it looks like. But I hope it’s nice. I’m at work and I have to close with J. He’s nice but can act like a real fucking girl. I’ve decided to talk to Danny about being able to have sexual with older guys. I’m on the pill and we would use condoms so I don’t see the big deal with it besides him not being the only guy I have sex with. I’ve told him he can fuck any girl he wants as long as it’s not my best friend.


Today is Danny and my one year and eleven months for the next six minutes. I haven’t been laid in ten days. I’m starting to feel like Danny doesn’t love me anymore. I know that isn’t true, but we used to have sex everyday, sometimes three times a day and now we have sex maybe once a week.


My 6’5″ boyfriend and I are sleeping on a full size mattress and boxspring. No frame. My cousin has a queen size bed (mattres, boxspring and frame) that she will trade me for my full siuze bed. I told Danny about it and he said okay. I told him it would be tonight after I got off work & he said nevermind. I get off at 730 & it would only be about 30 minutes to do the exchange. He said no. His friend Seth was there and Seth was defending him saying that its 730 at night and Danny is sick. Fuck that. He just doesn’t fucking want to because it’s “late at night.” I don’t know why but I am livid! I love him anyway.


I haven’t been able to drop my thoughts of sex with older men, it’s all I think about. Whenever I see a man at work that looks like what I’m dreaming asbout, I just want to jump over the counter and fuck him right there. It’s so bad.


I took a quiz based on my zodiac and it told me that I am missing out on life. I am living life to what should be done, not what I personally want to do, and it is so true. I’m sure it’s true for anyone with any birthday, but that was something else I thought about today. I am honestly not living the life I want. I want to party, I want to take shrooms, I want to fuck older men. Have five different men under my claws. That is what I want.


Today, all I’ve been able to think about is sex. Sex, sex, sex. I’m thinking. I’m thinking. I’m thinking.


Older Man.




Brown hair.










Having sex with men like this is what I fantasize about daily. But it hurts that I have to dream about men like that when I fuck my boyfriend. I love him anyway.


High There

Currently High as a kite. My fingers are frozen from the cold air coming through the open window. Danny is at work, Ellie hasn’t answered my texts or snaps. She’s probably with Indy. Indy is 23, so she can legally buy alcohol. I believe that Ellie and her boyfriend Seth are only friends with certain people because of what they can give them. I love them anyway.

First Blog Post

This, right here is my blog, enjoy.

My name is Liana Becker. I am 18, blonde and one crazy bitch. My best friend is Ellie, most people call her El. My best friend and soul mate, Danny is the love of my life. I haven’t found a single person better than my Danny. He loves me unconditionally